Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I can't believe Christmas Time is Almost here!!!!

I can't believe Christmas is 2 days away. Our year has brought so many wonderful changes and blessings to our life and we couldn't be more thankful for the joy Addison has brought us (minus the sleepness nights, I could do without those!!!). What a beautiful gift god has created in our baby girl.
Addison is now 4 months old and stands up while holding her hands and we think she is cutting teeth. As you can tell in some of the pictures, her hands are always in her mouth. I think we have a early bloomer on our hands. She has started eating oatmeal cereal and has tried sweet potatoes and bananas, and likes both so far. Daycare with Mrs. Crystal is going great, she has finally adjusted to her and seems very happy there. We are so thankful that we don't have to put her in regular daycare.
My mom and sister came up last weekend to celebrate Christmas and visit with baby Addison. We had a nice time and Brandon and I actually got to get out of the house for the afternoon and evening and had a little healthy competition of bowling with Brandon's old roommate, Chuck. Of course Brandon and Chuck won.
We are looking forward to our first Christmas with our baby girl cant wait to see the rest of the family and celebrate with them too. I'll be sure and take lots of pictures and post then.
Until next time... Daddy and me, watching TV
Teething, for sure!!!

Family Friend, Terry with Addison

Our shopping outing, it was cold!

Bath time

Just relaxing...

Me, Brandon and Sarah before church

Big girls stand up!

Aunt Sarah and Addison

Little Angel

Worn out from shopping!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Link

Link to our Maternity/newborn album


So much to update...

I can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone and we are well on our way towards Christmas. Wow! How time flies! Addison is 15 weeks old now and is getting so much more interactive. She has started to "belly" laugh and it is the funniest thing ever! We are going to try and get a video of that and upload it as well. I started back to work last Monday and surprisingly everything went better than expected. Addison has taken very well to Crystal, which is a family member that watches her for us. I am very blessed to only have to work 3 days a week and it is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so I get to be with her every other day. I think the time apart is going to be good for the both of us and Brandon as well. Brandon gets her up and ready in the morning, so they get some bonding time together too.
We are super excited to have Addison's surgery to correct her cleft palate scheduled. It will be on February 23rd, only 3 days after she turns 6 months. The surgery will last around 2 hours and she will get tubes in her ears at that time too, but we will be in the hospital for 2-3 days following for observation. They say it is a very easy procedure and they don't expect any complications. We are praying that this will be the only surgery she has to have.
We also have planned a trip to Florida in January to take miss Addison on her first plane ride and to meet the rest of her family for the first time. Hopefully it all goes smoothly!
Until next time...

Addison in her new activity gym

Cuddle bug!

Addison loves her bunny she got from her Great Aunt Nancy

Tummy time

Just waking up...

Watching TV, her favorite past time

Got Milk?

Tanner had to borrow one of Addison's bibs, too funny!

1st time eating prunes...she's getting used to them.

Silly girl wiggled all the way to the carpet.

Watching TV AGAIN!

Addison's Christmas tree in her room. (Couldn't get it to rotate)

Our "FAKE" tree that Brandon is not proud of! But still beautiful!

Hanging out in her bumbo!

Addison and her Great Aunt Julia on Thanksgiving

Addison ate her toy while we ate Thanksgiving dinner...

Hiding in her favorite bean bag

(Pictures are small but here are some of our christmas pictures)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Almost 3 months...

Wow! I can't even believe it, I have to go back to work 3 weeks from today. It will be a very sad day, but I'm sure I'll learn to enjoy the adult interaction again. It's november and Addison is growing and developing more and more each day. She can now hold her head up on her own, which I just love. Right now we are working on a nap routine so there is some sort of schedule when she goes to the sitter's in a few weeks. We are also working on getting her to sleep longer at night. Last night was the 1st night we put her to bed at 8pm and she slept for 8 hours. It was amazing!!!! I think she likes the early bedtime. It makes it kind of hard to do anything at night since we start getting ready for bed with a bath and bottle at 7pm. Sleeping through the night is more important right now. Hopefully she will keep up the great sleeping! Below are a few pictures of Halloween and Mine and Brandon's birthday party. Till next time... One of Addison's many shoes...
19 out of 20 pairs and counting...

Our trip to the pumpkin patch

Daddy and his baby girl!

Grammie came in town to watch Addison for our birthday

Evelyn and Addison

Addison and her Nonie(Not sure if that's how to spell it)

Addison in her new overalls, such a happy girl!

They both look at little stunned! LOL!

She loves her activity gym, she passed out while playing!