Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Addison's Room is Close to Finished....

We have finally almost finished Addison's Room. We decided to incorporate all of the colors in her bedspread, as Brandon insisted the room not be completely pink. Which now that it is done, I think it turned out great. Brandon did all of the painting himself. (I assisted in the taping) It was a chore, but I love the finished product. We are still waiting on her Monogrammed Mural for above her bed but thought I'd post some interim pics now. This was Brandon's attempt at a Monogrammed Mural for her room.

I love her furniture!

As Bridget put it, the room looks like a big present.

There's my chair that I got such an incredible deal on! Oh and the bassinet above.... I am a deal shopper.

View from the door, I can't seem to find a pink lamp shade. I'm on the hunt.
Till next time... I hope everyone has a wonderful July 4th weekend!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

31 week 4D Ultrasound

Today we had our 31 week check-up and 4D Ultrasound. It was great once we got in the room. Dr. Pohl was on vacation last week, so it was super backed up, but well worth the wait. Addison Reese is healthy as can be, her heartbeat is 150 which is perfect, however her head is measuring 35 weeks, and I'm only 31 weeks along. Yikes!!! I have to give birth to that head. She weighs 4 lbs and in her weight she is measuring 33 weeks. So we talked about being induced around August 19th which is 10 days before my due date. That would be nice! He is predicting her to be around a 9 lb baby and that's what I was afraid of. Overall it was a great appointment, also for an update I am no longer spilling protein in my urine which was great news, as well as my blood pressure is perfect too. So all the concerns are gone for now. Now we are working on finishing Addison's room so I can start putting things together. I'd like to have it done before the baby shower the 1st of July, but we'll see. Till next time, enjoy the new pictures.
Her head measurements.....
It was so amazing for Brandon to actually see her moving because I get to feel her moving all the time.

This is my favorite, she was actually being still.

Look at those cheeks!

That is her foot in front of her face.

She pointed at Brandon a couple times, or maybe she was shushing him????

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Steamboat Ski Trip February 2009

I almost forgot about our trip to Steamboat in February 2009, I was 10 weeks pregnant by this point, but no one knew. We told Bridget and Joel the 1st day on the ski slopes. Needless to say I didn't ski anymore, and the altitude really got to me. Gorgeous, on the lift up.
Snowmobile trip, lots of fun

Untouched snow... Until we got there


Me and Brandon

St. Thomas/ St. John Vacation

We left on May 6th for St. Thomas & St. John. When we arrived at the airport we rented a car, and they gave us an upgrade to a Jeep, which was Awesome. View from our Room at the Wyndham Sugar Bay

Wyndham Sugar Bay Pool

Duffy's Bar, Brandon loved this place!

There were iguanas everywhere...

I mean everywhere!

Port of St. John

Love those red shorts...

Hawks Nest Bay, St. John

St. John

My favorite picture from St. John

Me and Brandon at the resort

The beach at the resort, 24 weeks pregnant, Mother's Day

The port at Cruz Bay in St. John, We went to St. John on the ferry for Mother's Day. We had dinner at an amazing restaurant called the Banana Deck that over looked the water.

Then Brandon surprised me on the beach at St. John with the most gorgeous ring! Above is the beach where he proposed.

Here's my ring!
What a perfect ending to a wonderful relaxing trip!

Mamaw & Tom's Wedding, May 2nd 2009

Mamaw and Tom got married on May 2nd, 2009 at The Bradford House & Gardens in Flowery Branch, GA. Here are some pictures of the wedding and more...
Brandon & I before the wedding (I'm 23 weeks pregnant in this one)

Joel & Bridget, Brandon's Sister & Brother-in-law

The toasts..

This was a carrot cake from Publix and it was delicious!

Brandon's Gift to Mamaw and Tom was a trip home in a stretch Hummer, Tom had never been in a limo before.

Destin here we come!

In late April I went to Destin for my former roommate's Bachelorette weekend and we stayed at The Terrace in our friends Penthouse, which was amazing. It was a very well needed relaxing weekend with lots of sun bathing on the beach and girl time. 22 Weeks Pregnant, on the gorgeous balcony
Donna, Carrie & Me

Dinner at Dewey Destin's, Amazing Food!

Love our masks!

Howl at the Moon, Fun times

16 Week 4D Ultrasound

We went on March 18, 2009 for our 16 Week check up and we also paid the extra money to get the 3D/4D Gender Determination done a month early. I'm such a planner, I couldn't wait to pick out a name and starting decorating her nursery. Although we went through numerous names, we finally decided on Addison Reese, which Brandon still wakes up in the morning thinking of new names we may want to change it to like: Harley, Memphis, Daisy, Carolina.... But Addison Reese it is. Gender Determination Ultrasound @ 16 Weeks
Look at those long legs... Wonder who she gets those from??? Not her Daddy! HaHa!

Addison Reese, Sucking her thumb already!

Better Late than Never...

Finally!!!! I've been wanting to start a blog for sometime now and I have so many pictures to post, I have finally made some time. Brandon and I found out on the day after Christmas 2008, that we were expecting our first child. We are due August 29th, 2009. It was defintely not planned however the lord works in mysterious ways and she is already changing our lives for the better.