Monday, August 31, 2009

Addison's Newborn Photo Shoot

We had Addison's newborn photos done by Angie Barrett, the same photographer who took our maternity photos. She is a wonderful photographer, she came to our house and brought all of her backdrops and props. Below are a few sneak peeks, we hope to have the slideshow in the next week or two. As soon as we get them, I'll post it for everyone to enjoy. Both of Daddy's pride and joy
One week old
I love this one!

The 2 loves of my life...

Sweet Baby Girl

Addison Reese is glad to be home

3 Days old

Addison's favorite position, on Mommy or Daddy's chest, so sweet.

Look at those cheeks!
No more pictures please!
5 days old

Addison and Brandon's mom, Nani
4 days old

Finally time to go home!

It felt like forever, but we finally got to go home on Saturday. Addison, Daddy and I were definitely ready to get back to our own house and our own bed. Addison and I are all ready to go
Brandon is excited to go home, can you tell?

Mommy, Aunt Bridget and Addison, waiting on the car to be packed...

And we're off.... Our new family, what a blessing.

Addison catchin' some rays before the big ride home

Some more hospital pics

Dr. Joseph Pohl, the best OB/GYN ever!
Addison Reese Hastings

My mom, Grammy and Addison

Quietly sleeping

She gets this from her daddy. LOL!

She's Finally Here...

Miss Addison Reese Hastings has finally arrived. We checked in to the hospital on Wednesday August 19th, 2009 at 5am. I was induced at 6:15am, and they broke my water at 6:15pm (12 hours in...) At 2 am on August 20th, 2009 I was still 2cm so they started the petocin drip. Dr. Pohl guesstimated that she would be born in the afternoon of the 20th. 4 hours later @ 6am Dr. Pohl came in to check on my progress and to our surprise I was 9cm and almost ready to push. Long story short, 28 hours later and 2 and half hours of pushing, Addison Reese Hastings graced us with her presence. It was truly amazing. I could not have done it without Brandon, he was my rock. Brandon had always said he didn't want to cut the cord but when the time came he changed his mind. She is such a blessing and are enjoying every minute of being new parents. (Maybe minus the lack of sleep, but she is actually a pretty good sleeper.)
12 hours in, Daddy and me getting in one last cuddle

Brandon couldn't handle the recliner, so he brought his own air mattress, it was the laugh of Labor and Delivery

Already has Daddy wrapped around her finger...

Our Bundle of Joy!

Daddy and Addison