Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fall is definitely in full swing. Bridget and I took Addison and Tanner to JCPenney to get their pictures taken in their ADORABLE Halloween Costumes. Here are a few of the photos that were taken. Addison was a little tired and I think she became a little scared by the time it was over with, but Tanner was such a good little boy. We can't wait until Halloween to take them trick or treating. It's going to be so much fun! Addison has been such a blessing and I couldn't imagine my life without her. Till next time...

Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Videos to Share...

Here are a couple more videos of Addison this week. She is really starting to show her personality. She is especially happy in the mornings!

Addison was so happy when she woke up this morning!

Aunt Bridget and Tanner came over for dinner, Tanner just loves his cousin Addison.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A few videos of Addison Interacting!!!

I have finally uploaded a couple of videos of Addison I took with our new Flip Video Camera...(Thanks Becky & Jim) It's so much fun watching her grow.

Addison playing in her activity gym...She is such a busy body!

Addison being silly on the changing table!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall is here!!!

Wow, I can hardly believe it's been six weeks and it's October already. Mine and Brandon's birthdays are just around the corner. Addison is doing fabulous and is growing so fast. She has now outgrown her newborn clothes, and is in her 0-3 months outfits. However with the weather the way it is we are going to have to get some warmer clothes, as all of her 0-3 months are summer outfits. Oh well, just another excuse to shop!!! She is sleeping about 5-6 hours at night which is such a blessing. The days are long because she likes to take short and sweet cat naps, hopefully she'll take up long napping soon. (I'm praying for that!) We have her Halloween outfit ready, it's going to be so cute. I'm going to get pictures taken in it soon and as soon as I do I'll post for everyone to see. Our photographer Angie Barrett came over on Thursday, October 1st and took lots more pictures of Brandon's motorcycle and A-Model and took a few family portraits as well. Below is one of them. It was such a beautiful day for pictures and of course Addison was on her best behavior as usual. Until next time...