Friday, January 15, 2010

Busy Little Girl

Addison is so busy...Here are a few pictures of her playing and rolling over back and forth. She gets so excited when she ends up on her back and is looking at the ceiling.
We are leaving in less than a week for Florida and I am already preparing and packing...
Our doctor recommended we have Addison's ears checked before we fly and low and behold she has another ear infection. Surprise, Surprise! Thank goodness we had them checked, I would have hated to have been in the air and found that out. She is weighing 15lbs 4oz and is 25.5inches long. Right on track!
Until next time...
All smiles!

She just rolled over.

On her way.

Being silly after a 3 hour nap...She's such a good napper.

Hanging out in Mommies chair.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Addison's Newest Babble

Our 1st Christmas

So our 1st Christmas has come and gone and I can't believe it but it is already 2010... Wow how life has changed over the last year. Brandon and I are truly blessed and are so thankful for our little angel that good has created. We had a wonderful yet exhausting Christmas.New Year holiday. It was nice but I am glad to have our house and life back to normal. Now we are getting ready for our trip to Florida for Addison to meet the Baker side of the family. We are praying he handles the plane ride with flying colors...Even though travelling with an infant is like travelling with a pint sized terrorist. The countdown is on to Addison's surgery, 6 1/2 weeks and counting. We can't wait!!!!!
Addison has started eating solid foods and likes squash, sweet potatoes and pears so far. This age is so much fun, she has really started to show her little personality. She definitely has a little bit of an attitude at times, but don't we all.
Until next time...

Discover Mills

Christmas Eve, playing...

She loves herself in the mirror!

Daddy & Addy

Sleeping through Christmas morning...
Nonnie and Papaw
Santas little helper!

Our little family!!!

Look at those chunky legs!

Mamaw & Addison

Mamaw and all the Grand & Great Grand Children

Can you tel we were tired of pictures?

Poppy & Addison

Great Aunt Julia & Poppy