Friday, February 26, 2010

Just to keep everyone updated, here are few pics from surgery.  Addison is home and doing well.  We are trying to transition her from the codine to regular tylenol as the codine makes her tired and very cranky.  Will updated more when I have another free hand.  Thank you you everyone for all of your thoughts and prayers through this difficult time.  God is so good!!!!
Getting her gown on before surgery.
Sorry, can;t figure out how to rotate this one.
Heading back for Surgery.
Day after surgery in the hospital room, we were able leave after 24 hours.
Playin in her car after we got home.  Still looking a little pitiful.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Countdown to Surgery

Tomorrow is Addison's pre-op for her surgery next Tuesday.  We are hoping to learn a little more about the surgery it self and details about the recovery.  Addison has been growing by leaps and bounds.  She has started sitting up by herself with out falling over, which is so much fun.  She loves to hang out in the floor and play her keyboard and drums.  We have music time every night after dinner.  She is also starting to scoot around on her belly in an attempt to crawl.  She gets pretty excited when she makes herself move and finds herself in another area.  As for the surgery please pray that this is the one and only surgery needed to repair the cleft palate. 
We'll keep everyone updated as we learn more about the day of surgery.
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Sitting up all by herself
Hard at work playing

Baby Blue Eyes
Trying to climb up the back of the couch
Addy's first snow
Our little family
Caught trying to sit up in her rocker
We found her under the coffe table, crawling backwards
Loves her activity gym!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Addison has a lot to talk about!

5 Months Update

Addy loves her Kitty Cat Pillow Nonnie gave her!

Pretty in Pink!

Ready to Roll in her car walker...

Watch out for your toes..


Few more Florida Pics!

Our COOL Mini Van!

Talking up a storm!

Great Aunt Brucie & Addison

Aunt Sarah & Addison

1st Plane Ride...Complete Success!

Fun time!
Can I help you?

1st Boat Ride

3 generations...

1st Bikini!

So we made through our 1st plane ride with Addison and it went perfect. We couldn't have asked for a nicer more relaxing trip. We were able to upgrade our seats to 1st class both ways and that was such a relief. Especially since Addison sat in my lap for the the entire flight. Addison finally got meet my side of the family who all live in Florida. We had a wonderful time visiting with everyone and Addison was an absolute angel. She had a lot of first on this trip:

1st Plane Ride

1st Boat Ride

1st interaction with a dog...kinda funny

And needless to say all with well. Below are some pictures from the trip.

19 days and counting until her surgery, please keep Addison in your prayers in hope that this will be her first and last surgery to correct her cleft palate. I will update more when I can.

Until next time...