Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Easter Pictures were a huge success!

We had our Easter pictures taken by the Picture People at the Mall of Georgia today.  Addison was an angel as usual.  She really seems to love the camera and is such a ham!  We also visited the Easter Bunny while we were at the mall and surprisingly Addison LOVED him.  I gave him her doll that giggles and she had no problem going to him.  Enjoy the pictures...

7 Months Old... Wow how time flies!!!!

Addison turned 7 months on Saturday and it turned out to be a gorgeous day, so we all took a little trip to the park for lunch and some picture taking.  Addison had a blast being outside.  It's definitely her favorite past time!  She surprised Brandon with saying "DaDa"  all day.  Now it's all she wants to say. 

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The surgery was a success!!!!

I know I am behind in posting to the blog, but I feel like I am just now catching back up on sleep.  Addison had her post-op appoitment with Dr. Williams, her cleft palate surgeon today and......The surgery was a success!  He said he doesn't think she will need another surgery and our next step is a speech evaluation at around 12 months.  She was released from wearing her braces, we actually threw them in the trash at the Dr.'s office.  We didn't want them for any sort of memento!!! We have enough memories and pictures.  She still needs to wait another week or so to try to use a normal bottle, since there are still a few stiches that should dissolve within the next week.  Last night she slept for 12 hours, which is back to what she was doing before the surgery.  Since she has been home today she's been putting her hands in her mouth and then looking at me, as if she's waiting for me to tell her "No hands in your mouth Addison".  Too Funny!!!! Here's a bunch of pictures from the past few days....            
She was determined to get the puppy!
Addison's 1st St. Patrick's Day
Attempting to Crawl
Getting into everything
Loves her toy basket...
Sweet Baby Face!!!
Funny Faces!!!
More Funny Faces!
So she didn't loose the weight they thought she would after the surgery!  Chunky Monkey!!!
Love this picture!
Loving some Bath Time!
Addison's 2 teeth!
Addison and Cousin Tanner.... Before Baby Ella Grace!