Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Holidays are here again...Where has the time gone?

I am going to apologize upfront  for being so tardy in posting to our blog.  It seems like it was only yesterday that Addison turned one.  Now we are married and getting ready for the holidays.  But now it's time to catch up. 
Addy had a WONDERFUL birthday and Thank you to everyone that was there to enjoy it with us.  We couldn't have made it through that 1st year without each and every one of you.  We visited the Craniofacial clinic in September to have Addison's speech evaluated and the Dr. was VERY pleased with the progress Addison has made.  At that time she had an 18-24 month olds vocabulary and he recommended we start with more advance words and describing things.  So far so good, she has continued to learn and advancing more and more each day.  She is obsessed with "My Baby can Read" and I have to attribute her advanced vocabulary to that.  She is of course walking and literally running everywhere.  She has her moments of trying times and pushing mommy and daddys buttons but she is such a blessing to us and has such a fun personality, we couldn't imagine life without her now.  We recently visited Babyland General, Home of the Cabbage Patch Kids, while Grammie was in town and Addison LOVED it!  She was the only child there and ate it up.  She ran around saying hello to all of the babies.  We have already decorated for Christmas and we were worried how she would do with the Trees in the house and she has actually done great.  The ornaments are still one...AMAZINGLY.
On another note, as most of you already know we finally did it.......
We got MARRIED.  On October 23rd we got married under a gorgeous sunset at R-Ranch in the Mtns. in Dahlonega GA.  It was the most gorgeous day.  As everyone said "What a perfect day for a wedding".  I posted a few of the pictures below that our wonderful photographer did such a great job on.  I will be getting the CD of all of the images this weekend and I will be sure and post more soon, along with pictures from the holidays.
Brandon and I have taken on another business venture to add to our list of businesses.  We recently purchased a seasonal childrens consignment sale "Toads and Teacups".  Hopefully this will help supplement some of my income, enough to where I can stay home with Addison soon.  I am super excited about this and think it is gonna be a great opportunity for us to make some extra money as well as get some great deals on clothes for Addison.  You all know how much Brandon and I love DEALS!!!!!

We hope everyone has a relaxing and  Thanksgiving and are thankful for each and everyone of you in our lives.

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